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300VA Home Off Grid Solar Power System

300VA Home Off Grid Solar Power System
Price: $2,775.00
This Home Solar Power System will allow you to reduce your electric bills and is great for emergency use and extended power outages.
This system cannot be shipped via UPS.
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Technical data:
Capacity 300VA
System voltage 24VDC
Best output power everyday 700WH
Inverter Output wave Pure sine wave
Output voltage AC110V/220V
Output frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Output Current
Vmp 35V
Imp 5.7A
Battery Capacity 24V100AH
Load reference:
Name of Load Power(W) Quantity Working Time per Day (H) Working Days
Color TV 65 1 6.5  3 days
lamp 11 2 3.5  3 days
Satellite TV Receivers 25 1 6.5  3 days